Saturday, November 26, 2011

Street Walking San Antonio Style

Last words out of my beloved's mouth before he let me loose on Black Friday at the Quarry in San Antonio, "You look awfully cute, don't let anyone pick up on you." My response, "Like someone is is going to pick up on me in the middle of the afternoon along a major street. Good bye honey I love you."
So I start on the walk home, with a  Longhorn Co-oP bag in each hand, up one street, bear left on the next past the second HEB and Steinmart, confirm with cyclist that Nagadoches is the street slightly bearing left, stay on Nagadeoches until turn right on Country Club, the left on Haskin. No problemo.
I passed the old limestone quarry with is now an exclusive golf course and country club, if it's not apts and shopping, past San Antonio sewer caps, past incredible homes.
Nagadoches is a major, well traveled 2 lane street with turn lane in the middle. I sensed a car slowing behind me, then stopping. I turned to see who is was, had to be a stranger since I only know 3 people in SA and 2 are at work and one is taking a nap. Stopped next to me is in a white-haired gentleman probably in his 70's, in a Texas-sized sedan. He rolls down the window, just says hi, smiles, nods his head, rolls the window up and drives off. No one honks in the line of traffic he stopped. I just laughed.
Must have been the Longhorn bags in each hand.

Honey, you'll never guess what happened on my walk home.

Last Training walk for the CIM and Black Friday In San Antonio

Today was my last official training walk for the CIM and Black Friday. I had been banned from shopping this weekend in SA. According to Emily, shopping in malls in Texas is considered a work out. Black Friday is like the Superbowl of workouts. Why not make it the CIM of workouts?
I needed one 5 mile walk this weekend. Nothing excessive. Maybe my dearest would be willing to drive me about 5 miles away on a route that I knew included stores. I would walk home. It worked. Clothes on, shoes on, credit cards in purse, close up glass and sun glasses, water bottles. Ready to go.
I knew what direction I wanted to go. We went, knew we were lost when we drove past the second HEB market. Should have gone left instead of right. Oh well, but wait, there's a Steinmart, there's the smokestacks from The Quarry Shoppng Plaza. I know where I am and how to get home. Just drop me off and let me go.
San Antonio has stores not found in Sacramento. I don't need to see many, just enough to go shopping. Focus this trip, Texas Longhorn Co-oP, for anything and everything Texas Longhorn. We're going to a Longhorn basketball game in Austin Sat eve and have been told I can't go unless I dress appropriately. Meaning, wear something Longhorn. So I found a Longhorn T-shirt on Black Friday sale, with glittery Hook-em horns, a new pair of jeans, and orange and white polka dot Longhorn earrings. Good to Go.
Walk home 3 ish miles. Take the dogs Bubba and Moose for a walk in the evening.  Cim training is complete, shopping on Black Friday accomplished, duds for the game purchased.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Why a Marathon?

26.2 miles 15 days away. I have asked myself this question many times in the past month. Some mornings are more difficult than others to answer the question. Nov 19, 2011 last long workout started about 6:30 am.
I remembered thismorning why I love the workouts on the American River Trail.

I missed picts of the buck and doe and the wild turkey family. This is what we saw.