Saturday, November 26, 2011

Last Training walk for the CIM and Black Friday In San Antonio

Today was my last official training walk for the CIM and Black Friday. I had been banned from shopping this weekend in SA. According to Emily, shopping in malls in Texas is considered a work out. Black Friday is like the Superbowl of workouts. Why not make it the CIM of workouts?
I needed one 5 mile walk this weekend. Nothing excessive. Maybe my dearest would be willing to drive me about 5 miles away on a route that I knew included stores. I would walk home. It worked. Clothes on, shoes on, credit cards in purse, close up glass and sun glasses, water bottles. Ready to go.
I knew what direction I wanted to go. We went, knew we were lost when we drove past the second HEB market. Should have gone left instead of right. Oh well, but wait, there's a Steinmart, there's the smokestacks from The Quarry Shoppng Plaza. I know where I am and how to get home. Just drop me off and let me go.
San Antonio has stores not found in Sacramento. I don't need to see many, just enough to go shopping. Focus this trip, Texas Longhorn Co-oP, for anything and everything Texas Longhorn. We're going to a Longhorn basketball game in Austin Sat eve and have been told I can't go unless I dress appropriately. Meaning, wear something Longhorn. So I found a Longhorn T-shirt on Black Friday sale, with glittery Hook-em horns, a new pair of jeans, and orange and white polka dot Longhorn earrings. Good to Go.
Walk home 3 ish miles. Take the dogs Bubba and Moose for a walk in the evening.  Cim training is complete, shopping on Black Friday accomplished, duds for the game purchased.

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