Monday, January 23, 2012

Diamonds Diamonds Diamonds

Don't be jealous ladies. I have a new diamond. And I found it just laying in a stream bed.
No some one didn't lose it, I found it. It's mine.
Ok, Tiffany and Co doesn't have to worry. It's just a Clearlake Diamond.
Clearlake is located about 2 hrs from Sacramento and is the largest freshwater lake located entirely in California. We camped there a couple of weeks ago and went hunting for Clearlake Diamonds.
The diamonds, also known as Moon Drops, are found in gravel in streambeds at the southern end of the lake. They are unfacited clear quartz crystals that resemble broken glass.
We went hunting in a streambed that runs under Morgan Valley Road in Lower Lake. I found the location for diamond hunting on a U Tube video.
It hadn't rained for a while so the water was really low and it was really a cold hike. We found thick chunks of ice some one had broken out of the water. They were certainly much larger than the 3 crystals I found. I can say diamonds, diamonds, diamonds because I found 3. Two already washed down the drain because they were so small. Above is the largest next to my hangnail pinkie.  It was the first one I found. My honey thinks it's just a piece of glass. I think he said that the last time he actually bought me a diamond.
So it's rained since our last visit and we are planning another trip to the area in February. Maybe a larger diamond for Valentine's Day. The price is right.

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