Wednesday, October 17, 2012

1957 Evans Restoration Part 2

Restoration of my 1957 Evans bicycle.
Part 2
This bicycle was a gift from my parents to me for my 7th birthday present.
My first bike.
It has been hanging in my parent's garage lo these many years.
 It got me to school in Cheney and Pullman Washington,
Sacramento and Davis California.
I didn't want to make this like one of those Sunday Parade Magazine puzzles.
Find the difference between picture a and picture b.
It has turned out to be.
I dropped off the bike in August and was told it would take about 3 weeks.
 I picked it up October 13. I was promised return of the basket, a vintage bell,new seat, original handle grips, original pedals, my 1970's era UCD bike sticker, and my Father's writing of my name on the underside of the frame.
I agreed to buttercup yellow paint.
So what I got was new handle grips
 no bell, new pedals, a new seat,  new tires
part of my basket, buttercup yellow on the entire bike.
Mike pointed out my Father's writing on the frame and the UCD bike sticker.
Good stuff.
He said my pedals were not safe so he put on new ones.
Ok I accept safety.
I wanted my old basket. I got the basket and 1 of the supports back.
He returned the pedals, the old chain, the old hand grips.
There was still something more that was not right.
I was baffled.
The fame was not gray.
The black writing on the frame was on a gray frame,
not on buttercup yellow.
My Evans was like an old pair of saddle shoes.
Yellow fenders and gray saddles.
It was like an old pair of broke in shoes that are comfortable, familiar.
This is like new bike. It's not the same.
I am still looking at is in it's new state.
Trying to figure out if this is something I should compromise on.
I don't think so.
I am ok without the shredded tires. I can get a basket.
I frame will soon be steel gray.
The fenders will have the gray and blue stripes.
I do see a Pink birthday cupcake bicycle bell in my future.
The Evans remains a work in progress.
May I will do a what do you see as the difference blog.


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