Monday, June 25, 2012

Pecos Bill

I can tell you why I was so excited to see the Pecos River. These are stories we grew up on, stories I passed on to my girls. Pecos Bill, Sidewinder the lasso, Sleu-Foot Sue riding the giant catfish on the Pecos River.
We had been given a tip to see the best view of the Pecos River was to pull off the highway on to a dirt road on the left just past the State Park sign about 5 miles up the road. Miraculously, we found the turn off. The road wound up to the top of a hill and the view of the Pecos did not disappoint. Upstream we looked passed the bridge and around a bend, downstream where it empties into the Rio Grande.
Pecos River meets the Rio Grande
What rivers caught our fancy as a child more thanTom Sawyer's escapades along the mighty Mississippi or the tall tales about Pecos Bill on the Pecos? It was truly  magical to see the hawks soaring below us as we looked down. This is the wild west of my childhood fantasies.

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