Monday, June 4, 2012

SF 1/2 Marathon First Day of Training.

Today was the official start of my SF 1/2 Marathon Training. After spending the last 5 weeks camping, visiting friends, wine, olive oil, balsamic vinegar tasting, getting my garden weeded and planted, the house clean, figuring out how to use my new camera, blogging, reading 3 books, planning summer vacations, feeling my jeans getting a bit tighter, cleaning out emails...

Cleaning out emails.. eee gads I realized I signed up for the SF 1/2 marathon end of July and I have been tapering for 5 weeks. and only have 7 weeks to prepare for hills, speed and endurance.

so I haven't been a total couch potato. Mon weight training, Tues short walks, Wed Pilates at lunch and Zumba in the evening, Thursday, weight training at lunch and kick boxing after work, Friday, my destination walks.

Day 1 of training could have easily gotten derailed. It is raining. When I started out it was just spitting, then it started coming down more heavily. Lucky me, I remembered a raincoat. Just a quick 2 miles but it felt oh so good.

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