Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Asking directions and passing.

Monday Aug 16
I'm feeling quite confident on the bike right about now. No longer does my bike have to reside under my desk at work, it has an official home in the bike room. The bike room accomodates 80 bikes in racks and assorted others around the edges room. I know how to check the brakes, seat is no longer slipping, gears are a ok.
Ride 4 Whipped along T street and a young man passed me on a road bike. About a block later he circle around and asked me if I knew how to get to Freeport.
Not sure exactly what he means. There is a Pedal Hard bike shop half a block up so I direct him there for his answer.
Ladies, men on bikes actually ask for directions!
A couple of blocks later, I spy a bike going slower that I am. I pass him.
Then I pass another lady. These are two big wheel bikes getting passed on the left by little wheels. Yippee yo yo.
Men asking directions and passing big wheel bikes. What a day.

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