Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bicycle parts 1 1/2 and 2

The rest of the story for part 1 for the pointy up seat story is that when a cyclist cannot sit on the seat, it is almost impossible to change gears. In addition to avoiding the bike seat, my legs were spinning at a rate that seemed impossibly fast.
No more bike riding the first week due to collateral damage from bike seat problems.

Monday August 1. Ride home 2 Brakes. The brakes on the bike were adjusted by a pro. Unbeknownst to me, brakes are easily unadjusted when folding and unfolding a bike. It seemed to me that my back brakes were rubbing. Each time I stopped, I adjusted the brakes, trying to pull the pads away from the wheel. I just kept going slower and slower. Again, my first words when I got home were Todd, help me with my brakes, my back brakes are sticking.
He fiddled with the back brakes, told me they were fine but that the front brakes had been sticking all the way home. Apparently the cable between the brakes pads that had been fine the day before, crimped during the folding process causing the brake pads to become permenately affixed to the front wheel.
No additional riding that week due to collateral leg pain from sticking brakes.
Lesson learned: Always check the brake cables before starting a ride.

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