Sunday, August 21, 2011

Monday July 25, 2011 Part 1

Monday July 18. My internet-ordered fold-up bike arrived. It's zippy little 20" rim 7-speed model.
We had just returned from a whirlwind trip to Oregon for a 2 day wining and dining wedding/reunion in the Rainsong Vineyard outside Eugene. While we were gone, we had hardwood floors in our house refinished. All our furniture was moved into two rooms, there was floor dust that needed to be cleaned up, our bed needed to be in the bedroom. The bike came
A bit of dust cleaned and the bed in our bedroom. I could not resist. The box was opened. Front and back of bike secure, handle bars up, seat up, pedals down. I was off.
The brakes and gears needed some adjusting so I prevaled upon my oh so patient husband who is a skinny-tire, owns three bikes and all the tools kind-of-a guy, to do some adjustments. Two nights later mission sort of accomplished. He was gracious enough to take the bike to a pro for final adjustments.

Monday July 25

My employment is at 4th and Q in downtown Sacramento. I have been street walking to find the best route home. That is, the one with the least cars. I decided upon T Street. It is a classic Sacramento tree-lined street that takes a rider past the Victorians downtown, the 30th's and 40 cottages mid-town, past the post war homes built in the late 40's to early 50's. Most importantly, cars going my direction are not looking into the sun.
Ride home approximately 7-8 miles.
About mile 6, the seat started tipping back, just slightly. About mile 7, the seat was at about a 50 degree angle up in the front and down in the back. It doesn't stay down.
As I transistion from the coolness of downtown to suburbs past Sac State, I notice myself passing other low rider bikes with kids and assorted meth looking addicts on the same sized bikes. My fanny is slipping more and more backward. When I manage to pedal, the seat is shifting right then left. I was not sure the seat was going to stay on the bike.
I ride the last mile home standing on the pedals, hoping my foot doesn't slip because if it does, I will impale myself on the sticking up seat.

Lesson learned. Always adjust the seat on a new bike.
No further riding week one due to collateral damage from the bike seat.

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