Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Fly fishing stream extraordinaire so I am told. Bucolic country scene, me in my Mother's day gift, a pair of waders from our fly fishing group rummage sale, a $7 vest that blends into the waders, my $25 boots from clearance table from fly shop in Dunnigan, my fly rod,  just about ready to enter the stream. No picts of me mucking in the knee high mud in the water, not picts of me spending 20 minutes getting a wind knot out of my line, no picts of me judiciously keeping my feet in the water so as not tresspass in the private ground at water's edge. No sirree. Don't want to dunk the new camera. No picts of me catching fish. Which I didn't do anyway.
Todd with his catch at a different part of the stream. He was really pissed when the kid on the next rock over caught about a pound trout using lures about 10 min later. I was more pissed when the kid let the fish dangle above the water and the father seemed in no hurry to release the fish. This is a catch and release only stream, probably because the flyfishermen can really brag about the size of the fish if they are all released.
Todd replacing fly that the rock ate.

Score for the weekend, rock 3 flies, Sam the dog broke off 2 flies, tree 1 fly, fish caught 2 trout both released and my really beautiful bluegill caught in the pond while I was practicing my casting

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  1. Hey I my friends I tell you something can you give me anwer Depending on what you are using the mono and hook may not be the best of quality. Also check carefully after each fish, Big Kings and Coho will nick 50# to the point of an easy break off on the next fish. Have extra hooks rigged to move the fly/ squid that's catching to a fresh set if they become damaged to any extent. Most Captains tie their own rigs to be safe. It's worth learning how. I use 50# Ande Mono and prefer a two hook set-up as indicated. The treble grabs quick and the single will work into a fish jaw better. Also note the spin-N-Glow added in front of the squid this is, at times, deadly for Coho and Lakers.
    Hat Creek Trout Fishing