Sunday, December 2, 2012


It is so hard to know how much food to pack for 26.2 miles on Saturday
and to know what I am going to feel like eating at mile16 on Sunday.
About mile 3, I discovered my beloved sweet potatoes
were some where behind me on the wet asphalt.
Ok so that left me with grapes, trail mix, Coke, coconut M&M's
 and a banana to pick up at about mile 12.
I had eaten my  hardboiled eggs and banana for breakfast
so it was trail mix and grapes for a long time. Next real food was a bag of grapes and an avocado at mile 21. The avocado was cut in half so I just twisted it and squeezed half in my mouth. That peel is somewhere near Sac State. Other half peel is near 54th and J Street along with the pit carefully rolled in the gutter.
I was pretty well fooded out at that point but forced down a few more grapes and Nuun electrolytes for the next 6 miles.
I set a goal in January to completed races without the goos and gels, globs, and blocks. It worked. I felt fabulous during the race.
No ups and downs and proved to myself marathons can be run on real food.

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