Monday, October 10, 2011

CIM 55 Days and Counting

I am walking the California Intl Marathon Dec 4, 2011.  CIM 2008 was my first race ever. Longest I had walked in training was 20 miles. Everyone said if you can walk 20 miles, you can do 26.2. If I had realized how far 26.2 miles was, I would not have done it. Our walking speed for that race about 16 min miles. We chased the barrier men for a few miles, then just stopped at stop lights. Start time 7 am, finishing time about 2 pm. 
Why do I do it again?  Because I can.
I have a history of blister problems on my feet, so have gone from shoes with Superfeet inserts, to the inserts  that come with the shoes to no inserts, just good socks and the basic shoe. so far so good. And I have all my toenails this far in the season.
Walked 14 miles Sat Oct 8 and done 2 1/2 marathons since August.
Cross training: Sun am Pilates, Monday weight training, Tuesday speed training at the gym, Wednesday a day off, thursday weight training and kick boxing, Friday nothing, Sat long distance walk with SacFit. Throw in a couple of bike rides, you have the picture.
I've enlisted the help of Katie Vona, sports masseuse and pain inflictor extroidinaire to keep my legs, back hips, knees, ankles in working condition.
Best of all my 2008 partner-in-crime Erin is joining me.

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