Thursday, October 6, 2011

True Love on the Fly Fishing Stream

We just returnd from our latest road trip, this time through the Nevada and Utah on Hwy 50 then through the Rockies to Denver. We spent a couple of days in cental Utah, one of the days fly fishing.
We hired a guide through Center Valley Fly Fishing in Centerville Utah.
He was a fabulous guide and I had almost a full day of private fly fishing lessons which I sorely needed.
The guide and I were on the last fishing hole of the day when Todd came and sat by the stream and watched me fish. He said he didn't want to move on to the next hole just up the stream. He sat and watched for about 20 minutes. I thought he was admiring my improved casting technique.
After I threw my last cast, he suggested we needed to wade downstream intead of going cross country back to our car.
He had been sitting for 20 minutes listening to a rattlesnake shake and couldn't figure out where the sound was coming from. He would have had to wade through my fishing hole to get to the next one and didn't want to disturb my fishing. He just sat.
Now that is true love on the trout fishing stream.

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