Monday, October 10, 2011

Hope for America, A little red Cart, Fruita Colorado

Hwy 50 and Interstate 70 split again at the Utah Colorado border. The first town in Colorado along Hwy 50 that had a hotel was Fruita. It's pretty much a bedroom community of Grand Junction.  Colorado Natl Monument is about 5 miles away.
We found a lovely little hotel , The W Hotel, a 50-60's motor inn, with a wooden swing in the lawn and barbeque and table for al fresco dining. Just what we were looking for. The hotel was run by either a German or Swiss couple and was immaculate. They do their own cleaning I found out later. We booked for 1 night, barbequed steaks and our reality TV was watching the cars go through the drive through liquor store next door.
I got up early the next morning for a spin around Fruita. It's a town of charming 30's, 40's 50's houses, white picket fences, pumpkins in the yard. Downtown is about 5 - 6 blocks long with the usual mix of coffee houses, bike shops, yoga studeos, restaurants, and a lady delivering the newspapers pulling a little red cart full of papers. I had to talk to her. She told me a bit about town, informed me there were free showers a couple of blocks away (Did I look like I needed a shower?). I guess the town is the Colorado answer to Moab for mountain bikers and there are free showers in town for visitors not actually staying in a hotel.

We ended up spending another night in Fruits so we could ride bikes, eat pizza and drink beer in a town where a middle age woman still delivers newspapers in a little red cart.
Early morning views in Fruita, bike riding in Colorado Natl Monument, Store in the middle of nowhere, house across from the store in the middle of nowhere with a deep space telescope and observatory, pizza oven, and, you can't tell if my eyes are open or not!

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