Friday, May 4, 2012

Lunchime Bike Rides

Downtown Sacramento is a great place to work and 4th and Q St offers many possibilities for lunchtime bike rides. Today's ride will be to Beer's Used Books on the corner of 9th and S St.  This is merely a 5 block ride, about 10 min from desk to shopping.  
Walking, this takes max 15 min, Ok, I walk fast, it took 12 min from book purchase to sitting at my desk and this included stopping to wash my hands, but it's only 5 blocks. That leaves 30 min to browse through shelves of travel, cooking, and the new arrivals.
Beers offers a 10% discount every day from 12 pm to 1 pm. Have to be back at my desk by 12:15 so I asked if I could have the lunchtime discount 3 min early. Owner checked the clock on the wall and his cell phone. No go. I asked that if in the future I bring proof of my lunchtime, could I get the discount. Nope, 12 is 12. So instead of 2 books I bought 1. Instead of offering me the discount 3 min early I saved $10.50 and Beers lost a $9.00 sale. Ummm. Their store, their rules. Don't ask for an early 10% discount.
I came home with The Sewing Circles of Herat by Christina Lamb about life in Afghanistan circa 2002

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