Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Walking at Lunch

Can you see the strawberry juice dripping off my chin? It's Farmer's Market season downtown. It's a mere
10 -15 minute walk to Roosevelt Park at 9th and P Street. I had $17 to spend and came home with 
55 cernts. Fresh-from-the field strawberries were 3 brimming baskets for $7.00, Delta asparagus 2 bunches for $5, crookneck squash 3 for $1.45. That left  $3.00 for3/4 lb of my first summer cherries.
I finished about half of the cherries on my walk home. I washed the strawberries. The berries are succulent and juicy.
The blueberries will have to wait for next week. Can peaches be far behind?
In addition to the fresh fruit, the flower vendors are back. Food carts include Indian, Mexican, the pizza oven guy, barbeque and Chinese. The bread vendors are around the backside of the park.

Umm Umm Umm

5-9-2012 Note to self. Remind me in the future not to eat the entire 3/4 pound of cherries in an afternoon. Oghh my poor cherry belly.

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