Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Napa Country Iris Gardens

We spent the weekend camping in the Lake Berryessa area. The Old Man reminisced about riding up the road from Winter CA to the cafe on Steel Canyon Rd. We drove the road on Sunday morning. It is a demanding climb for a cyclist and has been on the tour of California route.
Neither of us had  been on Steele Canyon Road so we took a side trip to the lake.  Much to our sprprise, about 2 miles down the road, we found Napa Country Iris Gardens in full bloom.

Of course she said, we have to stop, we we did. To say we were blown away by the blooms would be an understatement. If I had not left my camera at home, there would be picts. Check out the blooms on their website.

Check out new releases Golden Gaga or Teasing Tiger, only $50 a bulb. My favorites were Jolt and Coffee Whisperers, at a reasonable $6.00.
The Gardens are are only open for another week or two. It's well worth a trip and is only about an hour from Sacramento.

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