Thursday, July 26, 2012


We went bike part shopping this afternoon and started at Mike's Bikes Downtown. We walked into Mike's, me carrying the frame and front tire and Todd carrying the box of parts, fenders and handle bars. Mike's could not help us but referred us to Mike at Vintage Bicycle Supply near Sacramento City College. Our directions, well, it's in a strip mall after you go over the overpass near Sacramento City College and sort of across from the Football Stadium.
Hmm, well, ok. No, no I phones. So we cut across town, turned right at a strip mall across the street from the football stadium, kind of winded down the road until we find a sign that simply says bike shop. We find out way to the very back of a series of small, storage facility type buildings and find

Out front are several old down-trodden bikes in a rack. Mike is inside, me with the3 frame and the tire, Todd with the box of parts, fenders and handle bars. We have found our home.
Mikes says, that looks like an old Evans Bike. Wow, that rings a bell. He takes me outside to the rack of bikes I have passed. There, in front of me, is a sister bike.  Same fenders, same seat post, same chain thingy, same striping configuration.

I have an 1957 Evans
In my world, born on March 22, 1957

I left my bike with Mike. He will have it powder coated the same buttercream yellow, pinstriped blue and steel gray in the precise Evans pattern, he will clean it up, he will straighten the basket, He is finding me an appropriate bell. I am looking for an Evan's sticker for the front post  And I think I need a chain guard. So off to Ebay to find the sticker and chain guard.

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