Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Trail Angels...Crater Lake

Patience with injury recovery is not one of my strong suites. I so wanted to hike from the rim of Crater Lake to the shoreline but decided against it. Todd went on the hike and determined it wasn't worth the effort. Too many people, not a great hike and view better on the top. He said it was not worth the risk of further injury. I listened to him and to all who had warned me against the hike.
My Trail Angels
I had started the Annie Springs trail after dinner July 4 and it appeared to be a great flat trail. I picked it up in our campground the next day and was invited to join group of boisterous young Asian students. They they told me they were foreign exchange students from Taiwan studying hospitality on a summer work program in Crater Lake. We were chatting about what sights I should expect to see when I visit Taiwan. I should expect a lot of temples, one student said.
Each time there a step down, one would turn to help "the elder" down the trail.
At the bottom of the trail, I was invited to join the group pictures. They were laughing and throwing snowballs, posing for pictures on a rock in the middle of the stream. I had my shoes off to soak my feet in the frigid stream and walk through the snow. I was offered a gigantic marshmallow as a trail treat.

They went across the stream and up the trail. They were a group of kind, silly, gracious, flirtatious students who will be great hosts for their country.
I went back up to the campground no worse for the wear. No, the hike was not as intense as hiking from the rim to the shore of Crater Lake.
Thank you to my Trail Angels.

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