Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Art of Tapering Part 2

Wednesday April 25,
Another relaxing day. I took a short stretch class during my lunchtime. Pers has a fabulous gym for it's employees and I schedule my lunch around classes. I had my pre-race massage with Katie. I love Katie. We say hi, then she says what is wrong with you? You look really stiff, you hips aren't moving, what hurts? I go through my litany of ailments, sore neck, Achilles tendon tight, hip hurts....
She grinds, kneads, pops, crunches, elbows,digs into muscle groups, my legs, feet, hips, thighs and lower back, my neck and shoulders.  I don't know how she finds what is ailing me but she does. This is the quick and dirty pre race massage. Not deep, just loosening the muscles. And it still hurts.
I feel so much better, afterwards.
Thursday April 26
Remembering to hydrate is the toughest part when it is cool and cloudy outside. It will be close to 80 by Saturday. We've had such cool training weather this spring, this is going to feel hot. Just a dog walk for exercise today a glass of wine and a movie tonight. I love this tapering.

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