Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Art Of Tapering Part 3

Thursday April 26
Ended the tapering day by watching Bottle Shock on my new Kindle Fire.

Friday April 27
Day before the race. Weather is cooperating nicely to not want to be outside . Too windy to walk. I went to The Crocker Art Gallery at lunchtime to see the modern version of the Terracotta Warriors.
Package pick up this evening, a little carbo and protein loading this evening. A glass of wine. I am  good to go.
Momma has new running shoes, a matching top, number is on, tag on shoes, hat out, shorts, out, sunglasses, check, food check, Uggs to keep feet warm and socks dry, check, turquoise and brown earrings, look like the river meeting the shore. Coffee ready for morning, check, alarm on check.

Nutrition for the race will be electrolyte drink, trail mix, a banana and my favorite Cutie oranges.
A banana and 2 hard boiled eggs in the morning.

Happy Race Day to Me


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