Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Art of Tapering vs The Art of Recovery

There is but as fine line between the Art of Tapering and the Art of Recovery. For some, tapering is decreasing exercise before the event, for others, it is decreasing wine intake.
It seems to be somewhat like Lent. Before Easter, one gives up something, after Lent, one can reestablish what was given up, Lent is longer than Tapering.
Tapering involves a week or two of habit modification. Lent 40 days.
A 13.1 mile race involves about 2 weeks of habit modification.
First week, only walking 6 miles instead of 12.
Second week, giving up more cross training and perhaps modifying ones wine intake or the practice of carbo loading.
Recovering from a race is somewhat like after Lent, not that I know a lot about giving up for Lent, my friends do. Habits return. For me, it will be wine tonight, Pilate's tomorrow morning, weight raining on Monday.
It's like summer break from school for me. No races until the end of July, camping next week and vacation in my future.
Zumba and Kickboxing are back.
Recovery today has been, sitting in the Maita Toyota dealership for 2 hours, having maintenance done. A light on the dashboard had been telling me I need maintenance. It has been annoying me for 2 weeks.  I have enough energy to sit in the car and in the dealership and read a book. I really want  to look at a new Pruis I've seen on commercials that is only  10' away, but it seems like entirely too much work. Maintenance work is doneon my car. I am free for a month
How come I am going 57 miles down American River Drive? Because the dealership set KMH not MHP. I promise officer, I am not speeding!
Tonight, a great dinner.
A movie or book and looking forward to the Little Red Bike
and the Dutchman Trailer in my future.
Tommorrow resetting the speedometer

Spring racing season is over.
Hip Hip Horray

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