Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Parkway 1/2 Marathon, The Art of Tapering Part 1

Parkway 1/2 Marathon on Sat, April 28. The week before, a week of being told not to work out is heaven.
Tapering for the race began on Sat morning with a 6 mile walk.  Sat afternoon was spent sitting in the car for a drive with friends up to the Fairplay wine applation outside of Plymouth, CA. Our drive was occasionally interrupted by having to get out of the car at wineries  to taste wine,  cleanse the palate with cheese, crackers and the new item next to the throw your wine away carfe, animal crackers.
Sat evening dinner with old and long time friends at our annual Picnic day dinner in Davis, CA.
Sunday, a visit to the farmers market was followed by a Pilate's class and watching Salmon Fishing in Yemen at the Tower Theatre. Sun afternoon I figured out how to work my new Kindle Fire. Double feature for me today. I watched Fat Sick and Ready to Die. I know it sounds dreadful, but it was recommended by my gorgeous Australian kickboxing instructor and worth the watch.
Monday back to work and a lunchtime weight training class. I skipped most of the squats, dips and lunges and concentrated on upper body weight training lifting.
Tuesday, truly a taper day. Zip, zero, nada, not even  dog walk today. I visted Whole Foods and did my best imitation of Costco shoppers by tasting the cheese, chocolate and salmon salad samples. Those events were followed by a short nap, vicariously carboloading by sleeping with Cupcake Wars on the Food Channel in the background.
Ah, tapering at it's best.
To be continued.....

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