Friday, March 30, 2012

And the Nun shouted out....

Last Tuesday, a trip to the doctors office for a nasty infection necessitated a trip to my local pharmacy. I chose to go to CVS on Folsom Blvd. I left off 3 prescriptions  and chose to wait the 15 - 20 minutes it would take to fill them.
People watching and  ear hustling are two of my favorite things to do while pretending to read my Kindle. The clerk at the pharmacy counter made the ear hustling easy. She talked really loud all the time to any one who came in.  I saw a nun come to the counter to drop off a prescription and she waited. A 30'ish something woman came to the counter. the clerk greeted her by name. The customer had picked up meds the day before. She came in to return one. She said"My grandfather can't use this med. It's not his prescription. the nun, who obviously loved to ear hustle also responded, "What was it for? Birth control pills?" The customer turned around and said, "Yes, as a matter of fact, it was."
the nun was still chuckling when she sat down next to me.
i went to pick up my prescriptions. There were four bags in front of me that I was being charged for. I mentioned to the very loud clerk that I only was picking up 3 prescriptions. She took the $5.00 off my charges. Her response in her very loud voice, "Well it was in the same basket as your prescription. Guess I picked it up by mistake."
Moral, always check your prescriptions before you leave the pharmacy. I will complain to the manager. The really loud clerk is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

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