Monday, March 12, 2012

I Rocked the Shamrockin' 2012 1/2 Marathon

No Blisters, no Blisters, NO BLISTERS. What a day. My first race ever without a blister.  I danced at the party afterward, walked to my car, walked the dog. No Blisters. No pain. Lovin' my Merrill minimalist shoes. They fit like a glove. No rubbing, no black toenails. They aren't for everyone, but they are perfect for me.
Mother Nature smiled on us today. Perfect race weather. Just a smattering of raindrops early, cloudy skies with temps in the 50's. Race course took us through downtown along Capitol Avenue, over to E street and past New Roma Bakery, oh for an extra minute or 2 to stop, then along the American River bike trail to Discovery Park, through Old Sac, along the Sacramento River, back through downtown, over the Tower Bridge and ending in the Raley Field in field. Worst part of the race, you have to walk up the stairs from the field. Reward was great friends greeting at the end of the race. Oh and the free Killian beer.
My food worked well, 2 boiled eggs, coffee and a banana before the race, Cutie at mile 3, trail mix when needed, Cutie about mile 7,  banana at mile 9, trail mix and last Cutie at mile 11. Never any hunger or feeling like I was dragging. I did not miss the goo, blocks, sport beans. My body seems much happier with more protein and the carbs from the Cuties, dried fruit and bananas.
And my time.......under 3 hrs, still waiting for official times to be posted. To be continued.....

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