Friday, March 9, 2012

Shamrockin' T-2 and Counting

The first year I completed the Shamrockin' was 2009.  Actually, it was my first 1/2 marathon. I started with the CIM, 26.2 miles.  Had I know how far a 1/2 marathon is, I  would shave never done a full one.
My daughter Emily and I arrived early to make sure we had a parking spot at Raley Field. We finished our coffee, chatted, got ready to get out to join the potty lines. We were quite proud of ourselves for arriving early so we could relax before the race, not be rushed. I reached down to put the timing chip on my shoe. It wasn't there. I had left my number and chip at home on the table. Geez Louise or words to that effect.
There was about 1/2 hr until the official race start. I was in a slower group so had a few extra minutes before before my wave started. Home is about 15 min away.
I raced home, got my number and chip, raced back to West Sac, wandered down side streets trying to find a parking space. I manage to get onto a closed road, but had a really nice officer who saw my panicked faceand allowed me to continue on the street to get off onto a side road. I found parking and had enough time to visit the potty and make the start line. Whew!
Talk about stressful start to a race.
Lesson learned. The race number is always pinned on my jersey and the timing chip is looped through the shoelace the night before the race.

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