Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's Shamrockin' Eve

All systems ready to go. Package pickup, check, shirt, check, cuter Shamrockin shirt purchased, check, weather, cloudy with 20% chance of rain, check. There's only so much I can control, Mother Nature's not included.
My start time is 8:15 which is a full 2 hours after recommended arrival time. That is ridiculous since I live 15 min away from the start line. Parking is limited At Raley's Field.
I'm planning to park near The Crocker Art Gallery, about 1/2 mile away and bring out the trusty little red fold up bike. I'll ride over the Tower Bridge by 7:30. Losing 1 hr on Sunday is tough enough without having to be in West Sac so early.
Hydration is continuing. Carboloading is taking on a different form since I am trying to cut out wheat and grains. No pasta tonight! Looks like trout and a big green salad for dinner.
I'll pack my little hip pack with trail mix, a couple of cutie oranges, have an extra banana and Cytomax in the water bottle. this mix of food had worked up to 15 miles. I might throw in some caffeinated candy to suck on. A girl needs her food. the 13.1 miles should take 3 hrs give or take. Goal is always under 3 hrs. Whatever the time is is going to be the best I'm going to have ever for that day.

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