Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shamrockin' 2012 4 Days to Go

I am recovering from my Tuesday night Katie Vona massage. I mentioned my left Achilles tendon felt a bit sore. 20 minutes later, she had finished popping my toe joints, finding areas between the bones to release, massaged both calves and popped a joint I'd never heard of in the arch of my foot and announced my feet ready to go. She finished off with my hip joints, lower back and hamstring. All the time we chat away, me just to keep my mind off the occasional burst of pain when she locates something that needs to be released.
Her massages are like long races, they feel so good when they are over.
So, my hips will be loose, leg muscles relaxed and feet able to bend properly.

Shamrockin' here I come.

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