Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Shamrockin 1/2 marathon 3-11-3012

Five days and counting until the 3-11-2012 Shamrockin' 1/2 marathon. Should be perfect weather, mid 60's with 8 mph wind. 
I've had a successful winter training season. My 9 mile round trip walk to and from Wm Pond Park has give me a solid base to build on. Highest mileage is 15 miles, average Sat walk has been  11-12 miles. I'm ready.
This will be the first race for my minimalist Merrill shoes. So far, NO BLISTERS. After 4 years of suffering, this is amazing. All my toenails are intact except for the big toenail damaged last Oct that has just begun to grow out.
This will also be my first goo, gel, block, sport bean free race. I've been eating boiled eggs, Cutie oranges, nuts and dried fruit and bananas for nutrition.
I'm drinking lemon lime Cytomax for hydration and electrolytes.
For my fellow Shamrockers, hydration begins today.

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